Top Modules
Front Office Management
module The Front Office Management System is a multi featured module designed specifically for limited service independent properties and hotel chains. Its large, easy to read display gives quick to front desk functions with a touch screen graphic user interface. Simple user interface and online help make training new staff quicker and easier. Features include reservations, front desk, cashier, housekeeping, night audit, system setup and over 100 standard reports.
Key Features
  • User-wise Parameterization
  • Travel agent/source wise tariff
  • Business Centre
  • Front office budget
  • Guest History multi process sorting
  • quick check-in/reservation
  • Room revenue report
  • Sales register
  • Front office collection
  • Night audit reports
  • Cash-Credit flow
  • Guest history

Restaurant Management System
module Intuitive and proactive screens give the product extreme flexibility in various areas of operations viz. fast food outlets, remote captain order etc. This system provides an integrated F&B module and materials management module. The F&B module allows for both Issue Based Costing and Recipe Based Costing.
Key Features
  • User defined control parameter
  • Touch screen interface
  • Discount/edit/delete parameter
  • Check-in/check-out link info to front office
  • KOT item preparation description print
  • Remote KOT print with wireless technology
  • GUI reports (graph mode)
  • Billed/unbilled KOT list
  • Bills (detailed/summary)
  • F&B sales register
  • Cover turn-over report
  • Cash-credit fund flow

Bar & Beverages Management System
module The applications here are configurable to user specific requirements making it easy to use and to obtain fast, accurate, up to the minute information for simple and complex environments.
Key Features
  • User defined control parameter
  • Purchase order generation
  • BOT print with wireless technology
  • BOT location toggling
  • Discount/edit/delete parameter
  • One touch speed billing option
  • GUI reports (graph mode)
  • Item group-wise sales
  • Cash-Credit ledger
  • Sales performance VS budget
  • Stock register
  • Excess/short report

Asset Management
module The product has an impeccable record of proven efficiency, having been tried, tested and implemented successfully in a wide range of hospitality enterprises.
Key Features
  • Provision to categorize asset
  • Depreciation/appreciation calculation
  • Finance Module Interface
  • Asset register
  • Appreciation/depreciation reports
  • Ledger summary/detail
  • Financial interface statements
  • Forecast summary
  • Comparison reports

CRS (Central Reservation System)
module Through the CRS system, a single reservation is required for guest room/ function space sales for a chain of hotels on same/different days. Based on the availability, the user can directly reserve his/her room/function space. User will get confirmation through SMS alert and Email messages. Reservation advance is tightly linked through the payment gateway system. Bank transfer facility (e-Banking) also provided on this system. Online data transfer to the local premises of the Hotel through a Webservice is an additional feature of the system.
Key Features
  • Data transfer through Webservice.
  • Payment gateway.
  • Reserve multiple hotels through a single entry.
  • Availability chart listing for user decided period.
  • SMS/Email alert for confirmation.
  • Segment wise check in reports to analyse the number of guests from various states,zones & countries

Sales & Marketing
An extensive sales and marketing system is integrated with ESYTRON. With an integrated data base, hotels will no longer have to use interfaces to share data between operational modules. Instead, users will share identical inventory, customer and account information, rate availability.
Key Features
  • GUI Based Performance Reports
  • Marketing Personnels performance reports and their incentives
  • Segment wise check in reports to analyse the number of guests from various states,zones & countries

Direct Messaging System(SMS)
module The DIRECT Messaging System (SMS) is one of the most secure, reliable systems available for sending and receiving mission critical messages. DIRECT provides the means to create, transmit, receive, acknowledge, retransmit/relay, and process Emergency Action Messages (EAM).

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